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Hi, I'm Dionne!

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I design things that help people.

User experience design is an understanding that design is human and solves human-centric problems. From print to web to apps, I seek to apply this concept in vast and imaginative ways to create memorable, immersive and seamless experiences that connect people and solve problems.



Audio Dolphin

Peer-to-Peer Audio Textbooks for Online Students 

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For both impaired and unimpaired individuals, accessibility is a crucial consideration in web design and computer to human interactions.  To create something all encompassing is to have an empathetic ear to any existing gaps and friction points in engagement. It's inclusivity in design thinking and information communication to create seamless, relevant and novel experiences. 

Social Inter Action

A card game for Humanity.

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Inter-personal Connections

Technology connects but it also isolates. We spend hours on our phones, tablet and electronic devices so desperately trying to connect but the irony is in doing so we are not engaged in the moment, places or with the people that are around us. This in effect creates a pseudo or hyper reality of perceived connectivity. By creating design that encourages offline interaction we can take steps to restore our social fabric and humane nature through empathy, acts of kindness, positivity and generosity. 

Mood: The Happy App

An app and a wearable that fights depression.  

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Mental Health

Depression is one of the top mental health disorders among young people in the United States. Although this is a very multilayered topic, one area of wellbeing that can combat depression is happiness. Wearables and apps can play a huge role in monitoring and providing feedback on our happiness based on various factors.

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