I Feel Small

workplace stress


Navigating the corporate culture-scape is something that takes patience, understanding and a large amount of emotional intelligence. Stress from projects, bosses an supervisors along with the perpetual battle for work-life balance can lead to high turnover, unhappy work environments and low productivity. 

With a zillion and one self-help books already out there, I wanted to create something unique. So I wrote and illustrated a short book from the emotional standpoint of the employee. This book is called "i feel small" and it serves as a disrupter to get conversations going about the negative impacts of challenging work relationships and management in the workplace. It's uncomfortable, crass, honest and transparent in an effort to build bridges and create better work relationships and environments.

People found the book empowering and helpful, so I built on this and created a blog, an Instagram and an open discussion "Book Brunch" event with a DJ and food truck. Learn more