Social Inter Action

Inter-personal Connections


It took me leaving my phone at home on accident one day to look around and notice, everyone in a trans staring at their phones and devices. Two people sitting next to each other on a park bench don't interact not even once. Someone needing help nearby with some bags that fell was completely ignored. It's no surprise that this problem of isolation and disconnect is caused by over immersion in technology as we spend hours on our phones, tablets and electronic devices: Studies show we are on our phones up to 5 hours a day and sometimes more.

Social Inter Action is a card game designed to disrupt this trend. It's a game that gets people to engage with one another and interact to complete positive actions for or with someone. The goal of the game is to encourage social engagement online and offline through random acts of kindness, positivity and generosity. 

This game deck also contains a "bonus deck" teaser to my portfolio along with my business card and resume.

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